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TV Actress Finds Hidden Camera In Her Changing Room, Costume Assistant Arrested!!

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A TV actress' costume assistant got arrested on Saturday after the actress accused him of allegedly shooting videos of her when she was in the changing room.The shocking incident took place on July 8, at a Bunglow in Madh, when the 49-year-old actress was in her green room. Reportedly the actress spotted a mobile phone under her dressing table.

The mobile phone was on video mode which was placed underneath the table. The actress was left shocked when she got more videos of her.

Apparently, the phone belonged to a 24-year-old costume assistant named Abdul Qayyum Ansari. A complaint was filed against him and he was taken into custody by the police.

Ansari was released on a bond of Rs 15000 with a cash deposit of Rs 7,000," said his counsel Kshitij Mehta.

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