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More shocks for YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh?


More shocks appear to be in store for the YSR Congress Party in Andhra Pradesh. Even as the dust raised by the shifting of loyalties of four party MLAs and an MLC joining the ruling TDP died down, some more MLAs are stated to be in queue to follow suit. YSR Congress MLA from Addanki in Prakasam district Gottipati Ravi Kumar, popularly known as Bujji, a woman MLA from Vizianagaram district and another from Srikakulam besides one other from East Godavari, who is now holding a senior position in the party, too are getting ready to jump into the ruling bandwagon.

"Ravi Kumar has been making all possible efforts to shift to TDP for the past one-and-half years and he may find the time more appropriate now," said his arch rival and senior TDP leader in the district, who has been opposing the MLA's entry to the party. When Metro India contacted, the senior TDP leader from Prakasam district reacted, rather cautiously, saying "let him take his (Ravi Kumar) own decision and there is no question of my standing in his way," he clarified.

The MLA, however, is not immediately available for comments but party sources in Hyderabad confirmed the efforts being made by Ravi Kumar. With regard to the desertion of other MLAs from Vizianagaram, Srikakulam and East Godavari districts party leaders here do not have 'absolutely no knowledge.' They simply dismissed the reports as just rumours and said that there is no question of any more desertions from YSR Congress.

But the circles in the main Opposition party are seriously begun contemplating as to whether continue there or not. "In fact, it is not the question whether we are in the ruling party or in the Opposition. Certain forces in the party are keen on widening the gap between the second rank leadership and the top leaders due to which the MLAs began feeling suffocated," said a source close to a top leader in the YSR congress. With more disgruntled party MLAs leaving the party has become almost certain, the only issue that is weighing the minds of the leaders both in the YSRCP is what position they will be offered in the Government after their migrations.

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