You are at CRDA Proposals: Rs 52,547 cr need for Amaravathi

CRDA Proposals: Rs 52,547 cr need for Amaravathi


A sum of nearly Rs 52,547 crore will be required for the construction of the new capital city of Amaravati, including infrastructure, government buildings, water, power supply and other works. The AP Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) has sent the latest proposals with detailed subject-wise estimates to the state government in which the CRDA has also listed estimates for river front development and flood management measures. The state government has prepared various estimates for the construction of the capital city and sent it to the central government too, the CRDA having sent proposals to each sector on the funds required on a year-wise basis.

Out of the total estimate of Rs 52,547 crore for the construction of government buildings, such as the Raj Bhavan, High Court, Legislative Assembly, Council, Secretariat, heads of departments and others, the CRDA estimated the expenditure to be about Rs 2,400 crore. The construction of the CM's residence, state guest houses, ministers' bungalows, quarters for the MLAs, MLCs, chief justice and judges and residential quarters for government employees, is expected to cost Rs 1,473 crore, according to the CRDA.

Drinking water supply to the capital city area will call for about `1,637 crore, an estimate that the CRDA has broken down into development of water source, water treatment plants, water storage reservoirs, distribution network, automated control and command centre, among others. A sum of Rs 7,500 crore will be required for power distribution works, including development of smart power transmission and distribution system, additional transmission mains and different capacities of sub-stations.

Greening, which will include river front development and parks, will need Rs 5,417 crore. The CRDA has said in its report that social infrastructure, such as schools, hospitals and other such constructions, would require Rs 459 crore while housing for 14,000 homeless families in 29 villages of the capital city area would cost Rs 840 crore.

CRDA's year-wise estimated fund requirement over the next six years for taking up all this work is as follows: In the next financial year (2016 -17) Rs 3,216 crore; in 2017-18, Rs 22,012 crore; in 2018-19, Rs 9,544 crore; in 2019-20, Rs 5,937 crore; in 2020-21, Rs 5,245 crore; and in 2021-22, Rs 6,594 crore. The central government has already released Rs 1,500 crore and announced another Rs 350 crore for the construction of the new capital.

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