You are at Goa must screen tourists for Ebola virus

Goa must screen tourists for Ebola virus

Ebola Alert: Don’t play with Monkey’s and Baboons

The Goa government is taking precautionary measures to face the dangerous Ebola Virus.goa health authorities also have advised people not to play with monkeys and baboons. The Goa government also formed a core committee to monitor the state's attentiveness on the Ebola virus

The committee having key officials including top health officials, police, immigration and will be chaired by the health secretary.The health officials also advised people to wash hands with soap and asked to consume properly cooked food.

They further asked not to touch people with signs and symptoms of Ebola or who has died of Ebola.Even as Goa does not have a single Ebola case yet, the formation of the committee assumes significance especially because Goa's tourism season has already begun.

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