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Human trafficking survivor raped '43200 times'


The North American country of Mexico is notorious for the rampant drug mafia and human trafficking. Each year, at least 20,000 girls are forced into prostitution by trafficking rackets. Recently, a young Mexican lady escaped from the clutches of a deadly prostitution ring in Tenancingo city, which is known as the prostitution capital of the world.

The lady, name hidden for safety reasons, stunned Mexico as she revealed that she was raped a shocking 43,200 times over the last 4 years. She said that at least 30 people used to rape her everyday. For years, she underwent brutal torture everyday from her clients and the Trafficking ring's boss, who used to burn her with an iron box and beat her with iron chains.

The young lady also revealed that she was abducted at the age of 12 by a kingpin, who promised her to offer her costly gifts, lots of money and a luxurious life with cars and a bungalow. The young lady was later rescued in an anti trafficking operation and is currently taking part in a series of protests and awareness campaigns against human trafficking across Mexico.

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