You are at No Revenue, Costly Yoga Classes!

No Revenue, Costly Yoga Classes!

Andhra Pradesh state exchequer has been burdened with a whopping Rs  1.8 crore, thanks to the three day crash course on 'Inner Engineering - for joyful living' programme taken up by the government for ministers and government officials like IAS, IPS and IFS officers. The event is being held at Novotel hotel in Madhapur from January 29 to 31 and Spiritual Guru Jaggi Vasudev was invited to conduct the crash course.

The cost of a breakfast plate which includes one idli, a banana and a glass of milk is Rs 450 and the lunch with rice and curry combination is Rs 1,350 per plate. Even though the participants were instructed to have only one plate each, some of them grabbed more plates and one minister even asked his secretary to take some to his home.

Andhra Pradesh state is already facing huge financial crisis with a deficit budget and the Finance minister even instructed all departments to stop all payments.

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