You are at Fact Sheet: Well Said Talasani!

Fact Sheet: Well Said Talasani!

Recently inducted Minister, Talasani Srinivas Yadav has a tough task on hands.

As Minister of Commercial Taxes, his target is Rs 28000 crore revenue for the fiscal year and with barely four months to go, the collection stands at only Rs 14000 crore.

Collecting Rs 14000 cr in such a short span is a near impossibility!

While various factors are responsible for this worst ever performance in collection of revenue, the Telangana officials in the Departments, true to style are alleging that the situation is due to the deliberate attempts of their Seemandhra colleagues, who are conniving with tax evading traders.

Anti-Telangana stand of the Seemandhra officials is responsible for the skewed collection of taxes say the Telangana officials and have also called for senior officials in the department who are Seemandhra people to be replaced by Telanganites.

Talasani Srinivas Yadav commenting on the matter said, “We are waiting for the Kamalanathan report on the distribution of employees between the two States. Unless there is clarity on staff division between the two States, it is difficult to address the issue raised by the Telangana officials of the commercial taxes department.” Fair comment!

And then came the killer punch from Talasani! In a thinly veiled reference to the blaming nature of T-officials, Talasani said, “Regional arguments are meaningless. The officials instead of indulging in these kinds of unpleasant issues, must improve their efficiency and show a better performance.”

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