You are at OMG- 6,000 People Pose NUDE For World Peace

OMG- 6,000 People Pose NUDE For World Peace

As many as 6,000 Colombians bared it all at a chilly morning (7 degree) in Bogota's Main Public Square for the World Peace. Apparently, Thousands of Colombians came in support of US Photographer Spencer Tunick's peace campaign by stripping. And the Lensman did his job of capturing them in the best possible manner. People who took part in the event claimed they have happy to part of such a novel campaign which endorses peace and unity.

Spencer Tunick have the reputation of convincing large crowds to go nude for his campaigns across the Globe. This nude campaign gained prominence as it happened at the time when Colombia struct a peace deal with the leftist rebels of Revolutionary Armed Forced in the country.

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