You are at Lord Balaji Saves Rs 23 Crs To AP Govt

Lord Balaji Saves Rs 23 Crs To AP Govt


During the recently concluded Tirumala Tirupati Brahmotsavalu, lakhs of devotees and even the residents of Tirupati town faced severe hardships due to lack of enough drinking water resources. The situation was no different until three days ago. However, with the incessant rains thanks to the low pressure in the Bay of Bengal changed the situation altogether in just three days. Due to the nonstop heavy rains for the last three days, all the five dams surrounding Tirupati are now brimming with over flow of water.

Already, the Gogarbham dam is overflowing and the officials are planning to lift 2 gates and cautioned the people living in the downstream. The Papanasanam dam is 80% full and it will be filled by today. The Akasaganga dam, which has a capacity of 6,33,000 gallons, was filled in just one day.

On the other hand, the joint projects of Kumaradhara, Pasupudhara dams too are filled with 80% waters which entered the dams from the Seshachalam forests.
The most prominent of all, the Kalyani dam, is 80% full and it saved the TTD officials 23 crores by the cancellation of water distribution agreement as it can now supply drinking water to the Tirupati old city for an entire year.

Even the Kailasagiri dam which is full can now supply water to the residents of entire Tirupati for one whole year. TTD Chairman Chadalavada Srinivas said that it is the rain god who resolved Tirupati's water woes.

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