You are at Fire burnt farms in AP proposed Capital area: No C...

Fire burnt farms in AP proposed Capital area: No Clue

Mysterious fire burnt farms in AP proposed Capital area

An unfortunate incident took place in proposed capital area of Andhra Pradesh.Tragedy struck the farmers who refused to give their lands to governemtn for land pooling.

Some unidentified miscreants set fire to banana farms, huts and vegetable farms in those villages and it caused loss of several lakhs to the innocent farmers. The farms of Penamaka, Undavalli, Venkatapalem, Uddamrayinipalem and Mandadam villages were hit by this fire and as per reports 20 to 30 people set fire and ran away from the spot.

It is rumored that a psycho could be behind the incident. But the farmers discounted this argument saying a single person could not have set fire simultaneously in so many villages.

Some people are busy with spreading rumors that government is doing all this intentionally to harass the farmers.Government sees this incidents as an attempt to disrupt the law and order in the region and irk the government.Meanwhile some of angry  farmers confronted the Agriculture minister, who visited Penumaka village and raised slogans opposing land-pooling.

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