You are at TDP to Break Nandamuri’s Family Rule!

TDP to Break Nandamuri’s Family Rule!

TDP party is now getting ready to give the reigns of Telengana TDP party to Revanth Reddy. From the past few days, this politician is firing on TRS and Congress with amazing proofs. He even showed few recordings to the media on the Telengana Survey episode.

Considering all these aspects, Chandra Babu Naidu is now in the process of making Revanth Reddy, a CM candidate for TDP in Telengana region. This can be considered as a violation to the Nandamuri Family rule. After Sr.NTR, Chandra Babu, who is a member of Nandamuri Family too charge of the party.

Till now, not even a single member outside Nandamuri Family took charge of the party in full swing. Soon after the state division, people felt that Chandra Babu will trigger either Balakrishna or Lokesh towards Telengana. Balayya is out of the record as he is ruling Rayalaseema region while Lokesh is still untrained in handling a complete state. Hence, Chandra Babu might have decided to break the Nandamuri rule!


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