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Son stroke for Minister Talasani


Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav, who is already surrounded with several complaints and cases for continuing as TDP MLA, got fresh problems. This time it is from his son Sai Kiran. Maredpalli Police booked a case against him following a complaint from a youngster Abhinav on Friday. He complains that Sai Kiran along with his four friends thronged into his home and beaten him black and blue four days ago. Later, they kidnapped his wife.

Abhinav's father-in-law, who is opposing her daughter marrying Abhinav, said to be asked Sai Kiran to help him in bringing back his daughter from his son-in-law's home. So, Sai Kiran and his friends attacked Abhinav and taken away his wife with them. First, Abhinav asked the police to register a case against Sai Kiran, but they refused because his father is minister in the Telangana Government. But, later they registered case against Sai Kiran after receiving orders from the court.

Abhinav complained that Sai Kiran and his friends kidnapped his wife. He asked the police to trace out his wife and return her safely. He also complained against his in-laws. He said they also beaten him when he went to their house in Maredpalli to find whether his wife is there with them. Hence, police have filed case against them also. Sai Kiran's over action in this matter that is no way related to him brings fresh troubles to his father Talasani Srinivas Yadav.

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