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Mob Lynches Engineering Student After Girl's Mysterious Death

The police on Monday booked murder cases against both parties in connection with the death of Sk. Jasmin and Sri Sai, a suspect in the former's murder. Sri Sai was lynched by a mob at Adavuladeevi Village near Repalle in Guntur.

According to sources, Jasmin, Sri Sai and the other accused in Jasmin's murder, J. Pavan Kumar, were childhood friends. Sri Sai was an engineering student at Bapatla Engineering College and Pavan is an undergraduate. Jasmin was a Class X drop out.

While Jasmin's brother Mr Shaheedullah lodged a complaint stating that Sri Sai and Pavan had murdered his sister, Sri Sai's father Mr Venkateswara Rao lodged a case against the villagers stating that they had killed his son and attempted to murder Pavan fallowing the death of Jasmin on Sunday.

DSP Mahesh said that they had booked cases against 11 people in the lynching incident, and also against Sri Sai and Pavan for allegedly killing the girl in her house. Both cases have been booked under Section 302.

Mr Mahesh added that Jasmin and Sri Sai were in love. Sri Sai's father Mr Venkateswara Rao is a teacher and Jasmin would earlier go for tuitions to him. The two had fallen in love at that time.

While sources said Jasmin's brother Mr Shaheedullah was arrested for questioning him about the killing of Sri Sai, Mr Mahesh said that no one had been arrested yet. He added that they were trying to bring the situation to normal before arresting anybody.

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