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Surya Chandra Prabha Enhances The Divine Charm Of Lord


The deity of Sri Kalyana Venkateswara was taken on Surya Prabha and Chandraprabha Vahanam in the morning and evening of Friday, on the seventh day of the annual Brahmotsavams at Srinivasa Mangapuram near here.

Dressed up as 'Badri Narayana', the deity was taken in a colourful procession, with the dazzling golden arch representing the sun providing the backdrop. In the evening, the deity was taken in a procession, where the dazzling golden arch was replaced by a cool silver halo, representing the milky white moon. The temple paraphernalia comprising the caparisoned elephants, the Divya Prabandha Goshti led by the Jeeyar, the artistes performing 'Kolatam' and 'Chekka Bhajan' troupes dancing before the procession added to the grandeur of the event.

'Adhikara Nandi Vahanam':- At Sri Kapileswara temple, the deity of Shiva was taken on 'Adhikara Nandi Vahanam', while the chant 'Hara Hara Mahadeva' rent the air. Nandi, the bull, is considered the head of Shiva's Ganas and is referred to in mythology as carrying weapons like Shula, Gadha, Tanka and Vajra. Tiruchi Utsavam was performed in the evening, where the carrier was replaced by a golden arch.

'Bhuta Ratri':- At Srikalahasti, the deity of Vayulingeswara and Goddess Gnana Prasunamba were taken on Bhuta and Suka Vahanas respectively on the second day of the 'Maha Shivaratri Brahmotsavam', observed as 'Bhuta Ratri'. Apollo group Chairman C. Prathap Reddy will present 'Simha Vahanam' made of silver to the temple on Saturday.

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