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ICC President resigned with World Cup Differences

ICC President resigns, targets N Srinivasan!

International Cricket Council (ICC) President Mustafa Kamal has resigned from his post on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters, Mustafa Kamal told he resigned as he can't work with people who can act unconstitutionally and unlawfully. "Sending my resignation to the ICC as I wasn't allowed to work in line with the ICC constitution. I can't work with them beyond the ICC constitution," he told.

Targeting ICC Chairman N Srinivasan, Mustafa Kamal commented such people are polluting the game and they shouldn't be allowed to associate with cricket. He also appealed ICC to conduct a research on resignation for a better future.

Apparently, Mustafa Kamal wasn't allowed to present the ICC World Cup 2015 trophy to winning team on March 29th. Instead, ICC Chairman N Srinivasan did the honors and the controversy erupted with Kamal staging a walk out from stadium even before the completion of the final.

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