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KCR Appreciates Constable!

The Cop who won the heart of KCR!

G Narayan Rao, a police constable attached to Special Branch, suddenly become a star overnight just because of his honesty.

Mr. Rao who is on Passport Verification duty reached Jubilee Hills Road No. 10 to hold an enquiry on details submitted by an application. After the verification, A tip of Rs 1,500 was offered by the Applicant's Father. Much to his surprise, The Constable refused to accept the money. Then, Rs 1,000 more was added but he politely refused and conveyed they no more accept such tips as the current Chief Minister increased their monthly pay apart from fulfilling all the other needs.

Notably, The Applicant's Father happens to be a Personal Doctor of KCR. Soon, This matter was posted the CM and immediately Narayan Rao was called to the CMO. The constable was lauded by CM for staying true to his duty in the presence of Police Higher Officials.

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