You are at BMW Retail Outlet in Mangalagiri

BMW Retail Outlet in Mangalagiri


There was a time when the Luxury Car manufacturers like Skoda and Audi have setup a quick kiosk kind of stalls in the region of Tullur and sold their costliest cars. With a sudden rise in the land values, the purchasing power of the surrounding villagers has increased to an unexpected level and thus the sellers had made most of it at that time.

With Amaravati declared as the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh, the trend continues but with permanent setups. The latest reports say that the premium car maker BMW has opened its retail outlet at Mangalagiri, a small town near Amaravati. BMW has put in a lot of effort in making their new showroom stand out of the crowd. "We are seeing a good turn out and we are optimistic about the future sales," said a marketing executive at the new showroom. This will surely inspire other brands to foray into the territory of Amaravati.

We have to wait for few more years to see if the foreign-culture gets limited to the imported cars or spreads its wings with the imported lifestyle. Let's hope for the best!

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