You are at YCP MLA offers Blood to Patient

YCP MLA offers Blood to Patient

YCP MLA offers Blood for Pregnant Woman

Annamani, pregnant woman from Gannapvaran, came to Bapatla Hospital on Tuesday for delivery. The Doctors, however, asked her to go to Guntur due to scarcity of B Positive Blood.

The Woman appealed YSR Congress Bapatla MLA Kona Raghupathi who was checking the facilities provided in the hospital to come to her rescue. Immediately, The Legislator asked the Doctors to take his blood if needed and perform the operation at the earliest.

Shocked with the unexpected reaction from the MLA, Doctors procured B-Positive Blood from a blood bank in Guntur and carried out the operation. Both the mother and child were said to be healthy.

Kona Raghupathi won the hearts of people with his touching gesture. He is also popular as the father of Neeraja Kona who is Samantha's personal stylist.

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