You are at Sankranthi Is Not Our Festival!

Sankranthi Is Not Our Festival!

The after effects of bifurcation have been driving many segments into a flurry of confusion and change of system in Telangana. One such vertical is the schools. Few months ago, the Telangana CM KCR announced that from now on no vacation will be given for Sankranthi and instead it would be only during Bathukamma festival.

While that announcement did evoke mixed reactions from the people and many were not too happy about it, they had no choice but to accept it. However, it looks like the coming year may be an exemption to that. Many schools have already announced around 10 to 15 days holidays on the eve of Sankranthi 2015.

Inside sources say the Government Order should come and it has to be done in a completely official manner. While it is not sure at what stage this new ruling is, some are expecting maybe by the year 2016 the Telangana government might implement it. For now, the Telugu people in Telangana got lucky to celebrate the big festival of Sankranthi without any issues.

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