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Telugu Ministers Counter Meets With Umabharathi

Countering Telangana Irrigation Minister Harish Rao claims today AP Irrigation minister Devineni Uma met with Umabharathi. Uma tour confirmed as soon as Harish Rao confirmed his meeting with Uma Bharathi. Harish Rao who took on Andhra leaders and urged Uma Bharathi to take action on AP for its flase practices.

Inc ountering Harish Rao claims Devineni Uma given detailed explanation with statistics. In his media meeting he slammed Harish Rao for false claims on AP. To take this issue to union government Uma confirmed his Delhi visit. In his visit today he met with Umabharathi and given full details on electricity and water. In his report he disclosed how Telangana government using water which allocated to Rayalaseema region. He expressed Union government will respond transparently and unbiased. Kambam Pati Rammohan Rao accompanied Devineni Uma in requesting Uma Bharathi to verify the credibility of Harish Rao arguments.

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