You are at March 8th : A Very Unhappy Women's Day!

March 8th : A Very Unhappy Women's Day!


Yes., you read it correctly! Its absolutely a very very unhappy women's day for us. A Lawyer said i have no place in this society. A film director told am just a piece of beauty.A politician said am responsible for whatever happens to me and its common that 'Boys do Mistakes'.

I will be heard only when worst possible crime happens to me., may be 'a thing' happens above Delhi Nirbhaya. I should go through highest possible pain before death. Then i will be listened after some protests. I am not sure when my soul gets justice. Am not sure how safe i am while travelling to heaven/hell. Here in my society i should hide myself along with sunset.Its my fault if i travel/roam/seen in public.

Coming to this earth itself is a struggle for me. My father, Grand parents may not like my birth. If at all i come, my live's toughest journey begins.

As a kid/girl/student/employee/Actress/Model/Lawyer/Journalist/Player.., whatever i pursue in life., i shouldn't forget am a woman and 'Should take care of my flesh'. My society gives me chances to be anything., but at first they look at me a 'Bunch of Flesh'.

As a tennis player, do i need to cover completely and play? Why don't you see my talent and records? why do you look for hottest poses of mine while am playing. Why do i feel shame about my skirt flying while i play? Oh., i need to be strong enough to take those as 'lite'.Fine!

After heavy work of week., i need some relaxation., People say i shouldn't hangout at restaurants,pubs,parks..etc. Sorry., i should cook at home and make my family happy for relaxation?? But why am not happy doing that?

If something happens to me out of my unaware mistakes, still my society blames my dress, my flesh,my face,my wheregoings.

My system stinks so much that i may not get justice even after my lifetime.My President,Prime Minister, Home Minister says Court is there to take care. Court takes its sweet time to give justice. And am not sure that ever comes.

A big 'THANK YOU' to all those wonderful fathers,friends and husbands out there. You already making our lives and we recognize your love always though you wish or not on these women's day.

And for the remaining society., sorry., we are very much unhappy with you. We are crying out of our heart and soul. Am not safe with you either as a kid or a woman.

We are tired.Please don't just wish us.Please Give us basic right of 'Safety'. Please do justice for those suffered.

- Indian Woman

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