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Muddu Takes A Dig At BJP’s Uttarakhand Fiasco


TDP senior leader Muddu Krishnamanaidu and MLC hit back at BJP leader for advising the ruling party to take up the measures that would attract people and not the ones to lure other party leaders.

Speaking to media, after participating in the district Telugu Yuvatha, party youth wing meeting here on Friday, Muddu sharply reacted to BJP MLC Veeraraju snide remarks on Friday in Vijayawada where the saffron party leader asked TDP to take steps like bringing down the prices of essentials to attract the people, indirectly hitting out the ruling party on wooing opposition MLAs.

Muddu ridiculed the BJP leader critical of TDP on the ground that it is luring opposition MLAs and said that before passing such remarks the BJP leader should make a honest retrospection on what the BJP did in Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. “It is not desirable on the part of a party criticise its friendly partner,'' he said adding that everyone be it TDP or BJP should restrain themselves and avoid making comments on each other affecting the friendly relations.

On special status, he made it clear that it was the responsibility of the saffron party to see that AP is given the special category status because it was the same party which vociferously demanded it in the Rajya Sabha during a discussion on the bill in 2014.

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