You are at KCR worried on Pension Program!

KCR worried on Pension Program!

Telangana Chief Minister KCR got many doubts on “Asara” programme during the meeting with the collectors. He is worrisome for not getting enough credit with “Asara” to the Government. KCR has asked to go into details why people give-up their lives for Pension. He ordered the Collectors to delink the computerization with “Asara”. 

“We raised Pension to Aged persons from 200/- to 1000/- for physically handicapped from 500/- to 1500/- in the state. Still the Government didn’t get good reputation on “Asara”. KCR said in Collectors meeting. KCR questioned the officials “why people died for Pension?” Chief Minister is believed that something is wrong in implementation of “Asara”. Collectors said that there is technical problem in computerization of data for Asara. 

As per them there is lot of difference in data of the persons in Computer and in ground level. “We identified 100 people eligible for the pension in ground level, but when we see in Computer only 50 persons are eligible to get “Asara”. The real age of the person is 65 years but it was displayed wrongly as 40 years in Computer. This is the reason for not getting the pension. KCR ordered the Collectors not to link Pension scheme with Computer details.

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