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Pawan Kalyan's Kakinada 'Seemandhra Atma Gourava Sabha' High Lights

Pawan Kalyan organized Seemandhra Atma Gourava Sabha in Kakinada on Friday. Have a look at live updates of his powerful speech...

North Indians alone aren't Patriots. Even South Indians are patriots. Let's chant slogan - Bharat Mata Ki Jai...Bharat Mata Ki Jai...Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

Sri Venkaiah Naidu placed Two Motichoor Laddus in the hands of Andhrites. Our Bandar Laddus & Kakinada Kazas were better than their Laddus.

Opportunists Politicians were responsible for the present situation.

Since 2014, Centre kept saying 'Sweet News' is arriving. Finally, They have placed two laddus, which willn't be sufficient even for our MPs.

I'm telling to Politicians - If you can't solve problems, at least don't create new problems.

Few Leaders say Politics isn't as easy as Shaving the beard. I'm not an opportunist politician like you. I have a middle class background and I don't have hundreds of crores/thousands of acres. I don't have godfathers in politics. Public & the issues they face are my godfather. There is neither BJP nor TDP behind Me. 'Manalni Okaru Nadipinchala..Manaku Rosham Leda..Manaku Atma Gouravam Leda' - PK.

Telangana Movement began in 1969.

December 21st, 1972, Then PM Indira Gandhi made it clear new states can't be created on grounds of backwardness. I appreciate her for the kind of stand she has taken.

Opportunist Congress Leaders who claim their party have 150 year old history divided the state.

We approached BJP complaining that Congress has stabbed us with a knife. Now, Even BJP does the same.

BJP Leaders should feel ashamed of themselves. If you really have respect for Dr BR Ambedkar, Accord AP with Special Category Status.

I'm not against Bandhs. Why should you suffer? Ask the MPs who are eating subsidised food in Parliament canteen to fight for Special Status.

I ask AP CM to decided if he would accept the two Laddus or throw back at them.

Both Seemandhra and Telangana Leaders have done injustice to Telangana. I don't fear anybody. I'm not having a plant, house or a piece of land in AP. I grew up and settled down in Hyderabad.

Satyamev Jayate means Satyam Matrame Gelustundhi. We have God, Truth, Self Respect and Courage to fight.

I have risked my life for TDP. I'm pained to hear Telangana Leaders use abusive words against Seemandhra People.

I didn't eat food for 11 days after bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. Congress deviated from Indira Gandhi's ideology and divided AP against the wishes of Seemandhra People.

If I'm an opportunist politician, I would have led the Seemandhra Movement.

Centre is ill-treating Seemandhra Leaders. Guntur Seshandra Sharma is my favorite writer. I ask TDP Leaders not to bow down before Delhi Leaders.

Anakapalli MP Avanthi Srinivas offered me his Seat to fight for Special Status. If he is really concerned about Seemandhrites, Resign your post. I take the responsibility to ensure your victory in Anakapalli in next elections.

I have respect for M Venkaiah Naidu. I don't have any personal grudge against him. Why don't you fight when Youth were cheated?

I only ask our MPs to show sincerity towards people's issue. I don't have any issues if they amass wealth but won't tolerate if people were neglected.

I left My mom, brothers and sisters to support TDP-BJP Combine.

Does Politicians don't have accountability? Who would punish

TG Venkatesh called Me Kumbhakarna. I can talk so much about you. Your factories have been spoiling the environment. I'm not an opportunist like you.

I appeal AP BJP MLAs and MPs to shift the party as Venkaiah Naidu killed the Saffron Party in the state.

National Media hardly covers the plight of Seemandhra People.

I thank CPI for extending their support to Jana Sena Party.

I demand AP Government to set up a Martyr Memorial in Kurnool or Amaravati. Because of Venkaiah Naidu's provoking speech, 400 Youth sacrificed their lives during Jai Andhra Movement.

I ask Venkaiah Naidu to include only those promises you can fulfill in Manifesto.

I have the guts to give sleepless nights to our Rulers.

I demand BJP Leaders to apologize before touring Seemandhra.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai...Jai Hind...Jai Hind

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