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Vishnu Jealous Of Vamsi Chand?

Vishnu Vardhan Reddy and Vamsichand Reddy have made the headlines for their infamous brawl and that too at a wedding event in N Convention Center, Hyderabad.

After the quarrel, both Vishnuvardhan Reddy and Vamsichand Reddy filed complaints against one another at Madhapur Police Station.

“Vamsi came to me and, after shaking hands, suddenly hit me on my back. I did not understand why he attacked me and when I went up to him to enquire about the reason, Vamsi's gunman pushed me aside and aimed the gun at me,'' Vishnu said.

He also said that he was born and brought up in Hyderabad and threw a challenge to Vamsi to a physical fight either at Gandhi Bhavan or any other venue of the latter’s choice. However, Vamsi said it was Vishnu who started it all.

“I was an invitee of the bride and came to attend the wedding. I saw Vishnu at the entrance and while I was walking in, he called me by name. I went up to him and we shook hands. However, he started squeezing my hand very hard which forced me to pull back. At this, he attacked me following which my gunman came to my rescue. Both of us were attacked by Vishnu and about 30 to 40 of his men,'' Vamsi said.

However, judging by the CCTV footage available on you tube, it is clear that Vamsichand’s version of events is correct.

It is Vishnu who called Vamsichand and later provoked him by slapping him.

When P Janardhan Reddy (father of Vishnu) was alive, Vamsi used to visit their house and was just a novice in politics.

Today, Vamsichand has been elected MLA of Kalavakurthy whereas Vishnu has lost in his own constituency.

Jealousy on Vishnu’s part coupled with an altercation between their supporters at the ‘parking lot’ of N Convention could have fueled Vishnu to slap Vamsichand.

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