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Malayalam Super Star Mohanlal writes on the JNU controversy

Malayalam superstar Mohanlal is an avid blogger and likes to express his thoughts on the current happenings in India. He has now written about the JNU issue that has taken India by storm.

In a note titled 'How can we live after the death of India,' the actor begins by talking about the picture he saw of Lance Naik Sudheesh four-moth-old daughter being shown the body of her father. Sudheesh never met his daughter. Mohanlal also talks about how in the same newspaper he saw stories about patriotism and the JNU row, bar scams, Assembly fights, etc. He writes that people should be more concerned about the security of the country than focusing on freedom of those who are into violence.

He added that we had soldiers dying to protect the nation and it was shameful that we were discussing the definition of patriotism. It was an insult to those who sacrificed their lives for the country, he wrote. Thanks to the armed forces who protect the country, people sit in the confines of their homes safely and get educated in universities and yet these same people criticise and abuse the armed forces, he said. The soldiers who protect us don't even see their families, he lamented.

Mohanlal goes on to ask why Indians are not educating their kids about India and the country's culture. He wrote that parents must gift their children “Letters from a Father to his Daughter” so that children don't raise slogans against the country.

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