You are at Expect TV9 And ABN To Come Out Full Guns Blazing

Expect TV9 And ABN To Come Out Full Guns Blazing

They are two of the leading channels in the State. Yet KCR through the cable operators has managed to get both these channels banned in Telangana including Hyderabad: TV9 for making fun of the T-legislators and ABN for criticizing his governance.

While TV9 apologized unconditionally, ABN defended itself. Nevertheless, KCR was not moved.

Simultaneously by taking over 'Namaste Telangana' daily, KCR is trying to see to it that there is absolutely no criticism of him anywhere in the media.

But in brazenly blocking the channels, he might have made a miscalculation that could prove to be costly for him.

After the channels appealed to the Centre, two notices were sent to the Telangana government asking for an explanation and calling the ban 'a violation of fundamental rights'.

The government tried to wriggle out of the matter by putting the blame squarely on the cable operators and saying that they were in no way involved with the decision.

So the Center has now sent notices to the cable operators directly demanding an explanation or else to face disciplinary action. Obviously these cable operators would have no other option now than to restore those channels in Telangana.

But it is the aftermath everyone is interested in. Would TV9 and ABN go the Eenadu way or will they now come out all guns blazing against the TRS regime?

While the approach of TV9 is uncertain, knowing the fiery personality of ABN head, Radhakrishna, KCR can definitely expect some serious lashing at the latter's hands in the days to come.

They ill do it IN A PROPER FASHION this time and KCR cannot ban them again.  

KCR should realize that even a person like Indira Gandhi had to bow to democracy despite her best efforts to emerge as a monarch. Who is KCR compared to her?

As of now, KCR's luck is like the man who has a winning streak at a game of cards. Nothing can seem to go wrong and every game is a win for him. But the minute his 'rise' goes, he will come crashing down to earth. There will be few sympathizers for him then.

Written By Sree

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