You are at Laddu auctioned for Rs 77.77 lakh

Laddu auctioned for Rs 77.77 lakh


The auction of a laddu at the Srinivasa Kalyanotsavam at the Venkateswara Swamy temple in Sangareddy fetched a record Rs 77.77 lakh on Wednesday.

The auction was won by Ms Padmini, wife of former deputy CM Damodar Raja Narasimha. The auction of laddus during Ganesh festivals is a common feature, but the temple introduced the practice three years go. In the first year, it was auctioned for Rs 77,777, while Sangareddy MLA Chinta Prabhaker purchased it for Rs 7.77 lakh last year. “I could not win the laddu last year. I was determined to get it at any cost this year," Ms Padmini said.

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