You are at Pakistan Terror boat explodes Near Gujarat!

Pakistan Terror boat explodes Near Gujarat!

Pak Terror boat explodes after Indian coast guard chase

Are Pakistan terror groups planning another 26/11 type of attack on India?..Yes..If reports from intelligent sources to be believed.
In a shocking turn of event which might strengthen speculations about possible terror attack on India a Pakistani fishing boat carrying explosives blew itself up on Friday after it was identified by the Coast Guard off Gujarat's sea coast.
Defense ministry sources confirmed the development.As per reports a boat on way from Keti Bunder near Karachi, in the Arabian carrying explosives was identified by a coast guard and he demanded it stop to allow a search of its crew and cargo.
The boat which also carrying four people attempted to escape from Indian waters and the coast guard chased it. As they lost all the ways to escape people on the boat set it on fire, causing it to explode and sink.
Intelligent sources feel that the suspected terrorists could be targeting Gujarat on 26 January. The government is yet to declare this as a terror attack.It’s worth to mention that deadly 26/11 attack on Mumbai was happened after terrorists entered through the sea route.

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