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How Will Pawan Be Financially Strong By 2019 ?


Janasena Party President Pawan Kalyan's meeting with the AP CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu in Vijayawada has been the talk of the political and film worlds since this afternoon. Following his meeting with the CM, Pawan interacted with the media and spoke at length about Janasena's future. When asked if Janasena will contest in the upcoming GHMC elections, Pawan said that his party is still not financially strong to enter active politics. Pawan reasoned that it was because of his weak financial condition that he didn't contest in the 2014 elections. However, Pawan asserted that Janasena will surely contest in the 2019 elections.

Now, Pawan's statement did raise several eyebrows. Contesting in an ambitious event like general elections is no mean feat as it requires a lot of money to field the party's candidates and to carry out an extensive election campaign across the Telugu states. This led to several discussions about Pawan's modus operandi in gathering funds for the 2019 polls. Pawan hardly works in not more than one film every year. His remuneration for Sardaar Gabbar Singh will be shared from the profits as he is co-producing the film along with Sharrath Marar.

After Sardaar, Pawan may work in 4 or more films to stock up some money before the 2019 polls. Pawan is known to be a genuine politician who does not resort to corruption. So, selling party tickets to his candidates to raise money is ruled out. On the other hand, thanks to Pawan's popularity, many bigwigs will surely be ready to back him financially. However, it is still unclear if Janasena will go all out in contesting in the Telugu states in 2019 elections or if it will make a simple start with limited candidates.

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