You are at AP Assembly : Shameless Leaders!

AP Assembly : Shameless Leaders!


Prestigious Assembly, which is honorable platform for state's issues remained war jone today. In a shameful act ruling TDP, opponent YCP leaders exchanged bad set of words to insult the house.

As said and told in media reports and clippings, issue took the light when TDP MLA Bonda Uma started shouting at YCP with bad words. YCP walked out with a protest. \

Later., CM Chandrababu requested Speaker to see whay YCP done before that.Each party has its own version of arguements. TDP MLA's Bonda Uma blames Roja and Chevireddy for this incident.

This evening clippings were released by speaker. In those YCP MLA seen showing her foot and abusing something by making different ugly body postures.

Latter., both sides of leaders went again in war of words. TDP MLA told YCP chief Jagan is a thief who stolen his question papers. YCP MLA's demanded for baseless allegations against their leaders.

Also they wanted to release whole assembly session from morning. They point at TDP, saying that it is because of TDP leaders behaviour they started fight.

Late in the evening, all News channels in AP had the same programme of having the leaders at one place and tele casted whatever the side they actually belong.

It is a known shameless fact that in AP., TDP has his set yellow media and Jagan has Sakshi and Co. So all the channels divided and show cased other as faulty side.

Whatever the case., it is the house whose reputation lost in middle of this brawl. Times has come to know that we are electing ethic less politicians.

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