You are at KCR's 6 months in Office!

KCR's 6 months in Office!

KCR's Six Months in Office - Highlights!

TRS Chief K Chandrasekhar Rao has sworn-in Telangana's first chief minister on July 2nd. Today, He reaches a mark of 6th months  in office. As CM, KCR has done pretty good job than anyone expected and he is certain to win the hearts of Telanganites if he manages to fulfill al of his promises.

Some of highlights of KCR's six months rule include First Installment of Farm Loan Waiver, Rs 10 lakhs for Telangana Martyrs, Pensions Hike, Increment and Health Cards for Government Staff, Dismissing cases against T-Agitators and Household  Survey.

The challenges ahead for KCR are making Telangana Power Surplus, 100% Implementation of Farm Loan Waiver, Competing AP  in terms of Development, Completion of Irrigation Projects and other Poll Promises.

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