You are at Telangana Theatres to have Five Shows Soon

Telangana Theatres to have Five Shows Soon

Here is a good news tor the makers of small budget films and Telangana exhibitors. The Telangana government has permitted Five Shows per day in single screens in Telangana. However, only small budget films shall be screened in additional shows. Most probably, morning shows may be screened with smal budget films.

This is indeed a great news to all the audience, exhibitors and the producers of movies. Nonetheless, million dollar question is that whether small budget films really do well or not. If they won't run well, exhibitors have to lose theater rentals, prints an publicity cost of the movies. Let's not hope, this to happen.

If at all making standards are increased and and scripts with proper substances are chosen by the filmmakers, small budget cinema will create wonders. And Telangana government's decision will turn out to be a boon and boost for them.

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