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What Impresses TDP Leader to join Jagan?

TDP leader jumps into YCP, every one in shock

After loosing elections many of the YCP leaders started financing their settlements with party. Most of them already confirmed their berths in other parties. In generally this is pretty common any party which lost elections. But in a surprise, one of the important leaders from ruling party entry into opposition during this time defiantly shocking news for the political people. TDP party women wing representative Usha Sri gave such shock to all party leaders with her announcement on joining with YCP.

Usha Sri hailed from Ananthapur district Kalyanadurgam joined in YCP in presence of YS Jagan at Lotus pond today. With her joining Jagan surprised all party leaders who are in thoughts to change YCP. But it's a big question for followers of Usha Sri on what she is going to get by joining opposition when own party in ruling for long period.

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