You are at British Queen's Lucrative Offer to Pilots!

British Queen's Lucrative Offer to Pilots!

Everyone aspires to have a lucrative job and get settled in life. Many dream of but only a few can achieve. Now for all those aspiring job seekers British Queen offered a lucrative job. 

According to sources 88 year old Queen Elizabeth II is hunting for a pilot for her helicopter. He will be paid a remuneration of  78,500 pounds-a-year which is twice that of the salary which Prince Williams is expected to get when he takes up his pilot job again. 

Prince Williams is getting ready to undergo pilot training as Air Ambulance pilot this month and his expected salary is 40000 pounds. He will be donating the pay after taxes to NGOs. Kensington Palace has said he would donate his post-tax salary around 30,155 to undisclosed charity. 

British Royal Website carried out an advertisement which ran "corporate/VVIP experience are highly desirable" and informed "applications close September 25". Job requirements include high levels of initiative and problem solving skills, with the ability to think ahead and act proactively.

It added that the applicant should be willing to undertake regular travel across the UK and overnight as necessary, have a flexible approach and be willing to take on duties and activities outside your normal responsibilities. 

The Queen's Helicopter Flight consists of a small team of pilots and ground support personnel operating a privately operated Sikorsky S76 helicopter and an Agusta Westland 109S.

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