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Urri Attack: Complete Army Statement On Surgical Strikes In Pak

This is what Lt General Ranbir Singh, the army's Director General of Military Operations, said today: Now based on very specific and credible information which we received yesterday that some terrorist teams had positioned themselves at launchpads along the Line of Control with an aim to carry out infiltration and terrorist strikes in Jammu and Kashmir and various other metros in our country, the Indian Army conducted surgical strikes last night at these launch pads.

These operations were basically focused to ensure that these terrorists do not succeed in their design of infiltration and carrying out destruction and endangering the lives of citizens of our country. During these counter-terrorist operations, significant casualties have been caused to the terrorists and those who are trying to support them. The operations aimed at neutralizing the terrorists have since ceased. We do not have any plans for further continuation of the operations.

However, the Indian armed forces are fully prepared for any contingency that may arise. I have just spoken to the Pakistani Director general of Military Operations and explained our concerns and also shared with him the operations we had conducted last night. It is India's intention to maintain peace and tranquility in the region, but we can certainly not allow the terrorists to operate across the Line of Control with impunity and attack the citizens of our country.

In line with Pakistan's commitment made in January 2004 not to allow its soil and territory under its control for any terrorist activities against India, we expect the Pakistan Army to cooperate with us with a view to erase this menace of terrorism from the region.

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