You are at Why Investors Scared To Invest In Rayalaseema?

Why Investors Scared To Invest In Rayalaseema?

Why Investors Inclined To Invest In Rayalaseema?

Whenever investors look at a certain region, it is bound to be doused with good prosperity and opportunities. But the Telugu people are in for a bit of surprise because it is heard that many investors are approaching Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu and saying they want land in Rayalaseema.

They are willing to put their funds in the Seema region known to be quite arid and barren. However, that is not the logic. They are not just looking at Andhra. Whenever an investor puts his fund, he will not depend on one state and invest. Their vision will be towards two to three states in the surrounding areas.

In that sense, Rayalaseema is closer to Karnataka and Tamil Nadu who are proving to be better economies than Andhra Pradesh post bifurcation. Well, this seems to be a blessing in disguise for all the Rayalaseema people who are very unhappy with the decision of Vijayawada as the capital. Let us wish Naidu capitalizes the investors and gives them the best sops.

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