You are at Nandi awards new name Announced!

Nandi awards new name Announced!

Exclusive: Nandi awards new name

The TRS government is keen on bringing Telangana flavor to the largely Andhra-dominated film industry in Hyderabad. As part of it the state government is planning to change the name of prestigious Nandi awards.

We already reported that TRS government has decided to rename the annual Nandi awards, given by the State government to artistes and technicians for their outstanding contribution to Telugu cinema.

Apparently, KCR is considering three names and yet to decide on one.But as per reports the new name for the awards was almost finalized and they are going to rechristen Nandi as Ekashila.

 ‘Ekashila’ is the welcome arch/gateway of Kakatiya’s capital Orugallu (now Warangal).Ekashila Temple is built  by the Kakatiyas.It is from this temple Warangal got its name as "Eka(One) shila(stone) Nagaram" or "Oru (one) Gallu(stone)"........and then transformed as "Warangal" in the modern times.

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