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Sriram Sagar Project is In Danger!

Sriram Sagar Project is In Danger Because ,The incessant rains during the past few days in catchment areas, brought heavy inflows into Sriramsagar project (SRSP) and Nizamsagar project in the district. Due to lack of rains during last three months, the two projects almost reached dead storage level. Heavy downpour in Niz-amabad, Adilabad and Medak districts slightly improved the situation.

As a result, the water level in SRSP reached 1070.1 feet with 29.09 TMC water on Monday as against its full reservoir level (FRL) of 1091 ft with 90 TMC of water. According to official sources, the project is receiving 6,247 cusecs of water from upstream areas. After filling up of Vishnupuri reservoir in Nanded of Maharashtra state, the water will be released into river Godavari.

As per Supreme Court directions, the gates of Babli project were lifted and water is released to low lying areas. It is reported that the water level will increase in near future.

Meanwhile, water level in Nizamsagar project reached 1393.46 feet with 5.83 TMC of water against its full reservoir level of 1405 ft. While the project is receiving 179 cusecs of water, the outflow is 107 cusecs as leakages.

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