You are at Tata to rename Zica as virus spreads

Tata to rename Zica as virus spreads


The spread of Zika virus in many countries has forced Tata Motors to change the name of its newly developed but yet-to-be-introduced hatchback Zica. Senior Vice-President of programme planning and product management Tata Motors Girish Wagh on Thursday said the name 'Zica' was coined by joining the first letters of the words “zippy" and “car". The small car was being readied for display at dealerships around the country and for customer bookings. He added that since the Zika virus has been creating havoc and a correlation is being established between the 'Zica' and 'Zika', Tata Motors is in the process of changing its name. The process has been stalled and the car's new name is not yet known.

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