You are at AP Govt’s best deal to land losing farmers!

AP Govt’s best deal to land losing farmers!

The committee appointed by Andhra Pradesh government has toured Naya Raipur, Chandigarh and Gandhinagar to study the land acquisition models implemented there. Neither of the state governments have used land pooling for building their capitals but the method was adopted to build new townships and industrial areas to expand the city. The committee had decided that the model of Naya Raipur was not viable for Andhra Pradesh.

And in the case of Chandigarh and Gandhinagar, land pooling was successfully adopted. Both the cities have allotted 40% of the land collected for roads and other amenities while the remaining 60 per cent was shared between farmers and the government. The farmers of Chandigarh got 27.5% of the developed lands while their Gandhinagar counterparts got 35% with government bearing the development costs.Chandra Babu wants to give a better to the farmers in AP and is thinking on the lines of giving 40% developed lands to the land losing farmers. Chandra Babu is of the opinion that farmers should not be on the losing side at any cost and they should heartfully give their lands to the capital.

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