You are at 2014 Last Lunar Eclipse Today!

2014 Last Lunar Eclipse Today!

The last lunar eclipse of 2014 and  will occur on Wednesday. Wednesday's lunar eclipse will be followed closely by sunrise for some observers, leading to a rare "selenelion" event. It is also the second of four consecutive total eclipse of the moon (the first occurred last April), and is part of a so-called lunar eclipse tetrad. It should also be a blood moon; that is, it will take on a dusky red-orange hue as the eclipse approaches totality. 

According to P. Iyamperumal, executive director, B.M. Birla Planetarium, it will be visible as a total eclipse in Asia, America and Australia. 

The event will begin at 2.44 p.m. (IST) and end at 6.05 p.m. 

In Hyderabad, at 6.01 p.m., sky watchers on the beach will be able to see the rise of a partially-eclipsed moon near the horizon. The event will last just 11 minutes.

Lunar eclipse occurs on a full moon day when the moon comes diametrically opposite the sun, as viewed from earth. 

Unlike a solar eclipse, lunar eclipses are safe to watch. The next eclipse of the year will be a partial solar eclipse on October 23.

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