You are at Karimnagar Collector Runs Behind KCR Canvoy!

Karimnagar Collector Runs Behind KCR Canvoy!

Telangana. Chief minister K Chandra Shekhar Rao had visited Karimanagar district yesterday. In which KCR concentrated on Siddipet water house working to get ideas an proposed water grids in the state. Many Public repesentatices, politicians and CMO officials followed KCR in this tour.

Pump house officials allows two vehicles in to warehouse area. The district collector Veerra Brahmmaiah unable to get place in any of the vehicle forced his to run behind the canvoy. In one vehicle CMO officials in other vehicle politicians occupied the seats. Due to this collector ran almost one fourth of kilometre behind canvoy. It's a surprise that no person from any of the available vehicle not even asked collector get in to adjust the seats. May be this is called politicians magic.

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