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"Spreading false rumors worst Internet habit among Indian netizens", says survey


India's internet users have found 'spreading false rumors' as the most annoying Internet habit, according to telecom operator Telenor's survey on the 'Worst Internet Habits'. Spreading rumors with 40% of the votes was found to be the worst internet habit in India followed by inviting people to play online, which received 34% votes and sharing inappropriate content came third with 30% votes, Telenor said in a statement Thursday.

The survey also found that uniquely 33% of Indians also hate excessive selfie takers, against the regional average of 21%. And 65% of Indians surveyed admit to being 'Internet addicts' - just under the regional average of 67% addiction level.

"It is great to see that 94% of the Indians surveyed say that Internet has improved their lives - the highest percentage among the surveyed nations," Sharad Mehrotra, CEO, Telenor India, said in the statement. According to a release, Telenor conducted the survey to learn more about their customers across India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

"From profanity tolerance levels to selfie approval ratings, respondents across the region replied to what they love and loathe most about the net," the statement said.

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