You are at Will Cut CM's Head If He Eats Beef'

Will Cut CM's Head If He Eats Beef'

The meat boycott and the accompanying dissents against it have profoundly shaken the peace in the nation in the course of recent weeks. The circumstance declined with the executing of a man in Dadri for professedly eating meat and the accompanying requital assaults by the counter social components.
While a few liberals and religious heads dissented against the meat boycott by arranging hamburger sustenance celebrations, conservative Hindu gatherings have been passionately voicing their backing for the boycott. As of late, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah of the decision Congress gathering said that "nobody could prevent him from eating hamburger."
The CM's remarks started off dissents in the state and today, a nearby BJP pioneer SN Channabasappa said that the CM was carrying on like a tyrant. The pioneer then went ahead to say, "Let him eat meat at Gopi Circle in Shivamogga. On the off chance that he does as such, he will be guillotined. We won’t mull over that."
"We have all grown up drinking cow's milk," said Channabasappa, affirming that the CM has harmed Hindu estimat.

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