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Rumours rain down on online platforms


A WhatsApp message regarding another big disaster in Chennai is creating panic and fear among the residents of Chennai.
The message claimed to be reported by NASA is being circulated on WhatsApp, asking the people of Chennai to leave the city immediately as very heavy rainfall is going to submerge the entire city in the next 72 hours.
Here is the message :
WARNING: If any of your friends or relatives are living in Chennai ask them to leave Chennai immediately because in the next 72 hours very heavy rain is expected more than multiple level of the present rain. Asper NASA Report this is not the ordinary rain. It's name is EL Nino cyclone. There is a chance for 250 cm rain. Chances are there nearly the entire Chennai may be submerged in water. Search in Google, you will understand. Somehow inform of your friends and relatives in Chennai.
Wipro announces to drop people to out of chennai city. Over 100 wipro buses starts tomorrow 7 am – 8.30am from Koyambedu bus stop. Please share this message to those stuck in chennai….. Spread the news tomorrow 6 flights gonna take off from arakkonam air base. Flat rates of 1000 rs for any city in south India and 2000 for north India . Only hand baggage allowed. Air India flights to Hyderabad for Rs 1000 and Delhi For Rs 2000 only for emergency cases.
With the above message being circulated like fire on WhatsApp is creating a huge panic, not only among the residents of Chennai, but also among their family members living at far places.
Is this information true or fake ? Did NASA has given such a report or not ? Are some miscreants misguiding the people and creating panic among them by giving wrong information on social mediaand WhatsApp ??
On the other hand, when we check latest press releases in the NASA's website, we find no such report or information of EL Nino cyclone in Chennai. NASA has not issued any such report till now.
So, it seems to be a fake message created by some miscreants.
However, the Government authorities should immediately give a statement regarding this message, in order to erase the confusion created among the public.

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