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Google Includes PM Narendra Modi on top 10 criminals list!!

Google includes Modi on top 10 criminals list

Search engine giant Google on Wednesday apologised to Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his photo was emerged in the search results of top 10 criminals' list.

'It definitely troubles us. This is not reflective of our opinion. We apologise for this," Google said. It also said that they were working to prevent such results in the future.

Raising many eyebrows, the search engine had earlier thrown up astonishing results when somebody searched with 'top 10 criminals in the world.'

Experts have not yet come to a conclusion on how it happened though many opined that it might be the result of tagging issue or comments that have used with Modi's images.

The goof had led to a widespread outrage with thousands of Modi fans taking to twitter to vent their anger leading the Internet giant coming up with an apology.

However, quoting a couple Internet analysts, Quarts website reports that though the anger of Indians on social media may be justified, repeated mentioning of "Modi" and "Top 10 criminals" will make things even worse as it can lead Google algorithms to correlate the name with the phrase even more.

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