You are at AP CM Naidu Pushing Jagan Into Congress Hands

AP CM Naidu Pushing Jagan Into Congress Hands


The TRS in Telangana and TDP in Andhra Pradesh have no issues in admitting as many opposition members to their party fold as the assembly seats are bound to increase after further delimitation. But with specific reference to AP, after crying hoarse in Telangana over how the TRS was luring its MLA's, CBN implemented the same strategy in AP.

Jagan Mohan Reddy with his inexperience is finding it extremely difficult to reign in his flock against the CBN onslaught. Every time that Jagan exposes a corrupt deal of CBN, the latter responds by buying YSRCP MLA's. With Jyothula Nehru and other MLA's also set to desert the YSRCP, Jagan would be facing a huge challenge to his leadership. CBN might think that he has gained the upper hand over Jagan, but inadvertently he might be pushing Jagan towards the Congress.

It wouldn't come as a surprise if Jagan goes back to the Congress fold to take on CBN. Backed by the money power of a national party like the Congress, Jagan will be more than a match for CBN. And alignment with the Congress will also mean a clean slate from all cases pending against him. One might question as to how the people will respond if Jagan were to side with a party that had bifurcated the state. Well, what is it that the TDP and BJP have done for the State after bifurcation?

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