You are at Revenue doubled in AP compared to United AP!

Revenue doubled in AP compared to United AP!

Revenue,AP,Stamps,capital,Vijayawada,registrations,Revenue doubled in AP compared to United AP
Revenue from Stamps and registration is considered as main source of income for any state. In September, revenue from Stamps and registration is more than the income that was generated in combined AP. Land registrations has recorded more in Vijayawada surroundings after the Government has declared it as Capital of the state. As per the sources, 176 Crores of income generated in August 2013 in United AP. 

Revenue has increased to 244 crores in August 2014 and expected to get 300 crores in September’14. Revenue from Land Registrations in AP is almost doubled than United AP. The growth is clearly visible in all through 13 districts in particular in Vijayawada and Guntur. It seems that AP could reach the target in getting revenue without Hyderabad. 

AP Government still lagging behind in getting revenue from Commercial, Excise, Transport and Mining Taxes but has showed enormous growth in Stamps and Registration. After implementing new excise policy in the state, State Government had received 600 crores of income in July and August. This was fallen down in September to 400 crores. 

Officials said that dealers were paid amount for licenses as per the new policy in July and August. That’s the reason the revenue was more in July and August. Since last 3 months after the division, Income from commercial taxes on par with the income of Telangana.

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