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Video: Woman Officer Scolds Officials, Contractor for Shoddy Road Work

A woman officer in Uttar Pradesh is seen giving civic officials and contractors a public dressing down for shoddy road construction in a video that has gone viral.

B Chandrakala, the District Magistrate of Bulandhshahr, is seen reducing a group of officials virtually into stammering schoolboys as she shouts, "Have some morality. It is clearly dead in you. You should be ashamed."

After the tongue-lashing seen in the video, three contractors were booked. One of them is the brother of a member of the state's ruling Samajwadi Party.

Ms Chandrakala has become an instant hero on social media, having voiced what millions of Indians have often complained about on watching freshly laid roads develop potholes. The video has been viewed nearly 600,000 times in less than a day on FaceBook.

The officer had been transferred recently from Mathura, apparently without explanation.

The video was filmed when she was apparently inspecting a road construction site and lost her temper at spotting poor quality work and substandard building material. 

"Is this your work? You will go to jail! Have some shame. You are wasting public money, not your own!" Ms Chandrakala is seen telling a contractor, who protests meekly. She later cancelled all 17 contracts he had snagged from the government.

"Roads are built and they crumble overnight. This is the height of commission-khori (bribery)," she says, turning to the civic body commissioner Pinki Garg to question why the work on the ground was so different from the contract she had signed.

Ms Chandrakala is seen accusing the contractor of not beginning work on 10 out of 17 contracts. "So much money is coming from the government, is any work being done?"

When the man mumbles a reply, she says "Chup (Shut up)! How did the road get damaged? On paper, it says new bricks, but on the ground, old material is being used."

Half-a-dozen officials and contractors stand silently, heads bent, hands folded, as she orders another official to file an FIR or police complaint against the contractors.

"Start with new bricks. Within two days. Or you will be blacklisted," she warns.

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